June 22, 2013

Captain Cape has the mind and brain of a human man, but the body of a cyborg who wears a cape and makes justice happen. He also stars in his own exciting comic, available at

Red Cobra has the magical ability to stretch like a snake, because he accidentally drank some serum and was exposed to special rays and then got bewitched by a dracula. He uses his powers for kindness.

Dangeroid is a powerful being from the crystal-based dimension known as Babandorr, who wants to cause havoc and mayhem and explosions.

Captain Belt is Captain Cape’s flatmate.


Fungus Chapter 5

August 9, 2012

This is the final chapter of Fungus.

Go here to start reading from chapter 1.

Fungus Chapter 4

May 3, 2012


Fungus Chapter 3

April 26, 2012


Fungus Chapter 2

April 13, 2012


Fungus Chapter 1

April 6, 2012

Fungus Chapter 1


February 2, 2012

On Thursday 9th February, 7pm, at The Ale Wagon, Rutland Street, Leicester, a new dimension in fear will unleash itself upon Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival. Join Richard Peel and Chris Slowe as they weave a dreamshawl and throw it over your mindshoulders in an impressive and serious way.

MONSTERDROME! Why! Even the flyer for the show seems to throb with eldritch power! Don’t be put off by that; it’s just the colour-scheme.

Listen to the trailer! or read all about the show on the official Monsterdrome page.


The Funny Side

January 31, 2012

I’ll be showing four of my Gary Ellis cartoons in The Funny Side, a magnificent new exhibition at Embrace Arts. Come along this Friday to the launch event, where I’ll be performing my DanceWorks cycle featuring Chris Slowe.

Monday 6 February – Friday 9 March, FREE
Take a glimpse into the worlds of five Midlands artists who use humour in their work. Their caricatures, cartoons, satirical paintings, sculptures from found objects and quirky imagery are guaranteed to make you smile inside – maybe even laugh out loud. Featuring work by Bob Robertson, Chie Hosaka, Richard Peel, Paul Warren and Brendan Keeley. Specially curated by Embrace Arts to coincide with Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival.

Free Preview party – all welcome
Friday 3 February, 6pm – 8pm
Including a dance performance by Richard Peel

Tether Nottingham – Werewolf Island

November 19, 2010


On Werewolf Island, the world’s fiercest warriors gather to fight each other just for practise. When Richard Peel and Matthew Smolka arrive on the island, the world of the evil warriors is thrown upside-down by their crazy antics.

Friday 26th November, 7pm, Tether Nottingham.

Hotdog City #29

November 5, 2010